Beauty Supplies 101: Professional And Convenient Hair Clippers

Beauty Supplies 101: Professional And Convenient Hair Clippers

Cordless hair clippers are hair trimmers used for haircuts. These are similar to hair trimmers with a cord. The edge of cordless hair clippers is easier to move around the head for a proper haircut. Use hair trimmers to provide haircuts for children and men.

cordless hair clipper is a nice investment when doing haircuts or trimming regularly. The cordless hair trimmer works with a rechargeable battery. You have two preferences: to remove the battery or let it stay in the clipper, making it ready to use.

Types of clippers

There are different types of hair clippers, such as:

  • Detachable blade clipper. It is the most powerful one in use nowadays. As the name suggests, the blades are removable and changed depending on how long the customer wants the hair to be. It has different ranges of blades. The smaller the blade number, the shorter the clippers cut the hair. For example, the 00000 shears hair off in an almost bald look.
  • Adjustable clipper. It is a powerful clipper that can cut through thick, wet, and longer hair. Most barbers use different sizes of blades for shorter beard trimming and fade. It has a lever on the side that changes the blade length. It can cut the hair short with the lever closed.

Cordless hair clipper

The blades range in number, from 1 to 5. But, it is better to refer to them as the actual measurement lengths, the classification numbers differ based on the manufacturer. In general, the lower the number makes the haircut shorter. The plastic attachments will work best with thinner and dry hair.

  • T-blade trimmer. The t-blade is called this way because it is how it looks. The top blade sticks out on every side of the clipper that handles the form of the t-shape. The design allows the t-blade to do close-cutting to outline the ears, beard, and neck. This may not be the most powerful clipper, but it can help the hair to have a clean cut and is good for detailing.
  • T-Shape trimmers should not be used to cut a large amount of hair. It is best to use for adding line designs and cleaning up edges.

Cleaning the clippers

It might sound simple, but it is very essential to take care of the clippers and keep them tidied. After each customer, you must disinfect the combs and brush off the clippers. You can use a specific clipper brush to clean the blades, and the clipper will disinfectant spray before putting them back on the clipper handle. A disinfectant lubricates it to keep the clipper blades moisturized.

Wash blades after use at the end of the day to keep them extra clean and ready for the next day. Keep the blades moisturized and clean as it allows them to work efficiently and effectively as possible.