A Community United is a South Dakota show

What is the purpose of the television show?

A community united is an awareness show which usually broadcasts shows based on different society-related problems that are discussed thoroughly in the show by a group of social workers or by a group of officers who are or were in the post of different American government elementary education, human trafficking, human resource department and many more. This article will discuss A Community United is a South Dakota show. South Dakota is an American state in the country’s northern-central region.

Who funds the show?

The show is funded by a world-famous private charity house named United Way. They fund around 95% of the communities in the United States of America. They have been serving the world for the last 135 years.


The motto of this charity is to give a safe, secure and, gender, caste, color, creed equality community to the people by improving their living conditions for an all-in-one good for promoting the capability of facing the challenges that prevail in society, encouraging them to attend private as well as public sectors to build sound education system, increasing the financial conditions and health sectors.

The show discusses the topics like-

  1. Transgender awareness and education- here, you learn personally about gender equality and how you can take care of all the genders around you, be it male, female, or transgender. In this charity, you are told to learn about ability, acceptance, etc.
  2. Intimate partner violence- defined as domestic violence- occurs in children, women, and in recent times, even males. They make people understand how to help from the impact of this violence.
  3. Human trafficking- here, videos are uploaded based on human and sex trafficking, specifically for youth exploitation. They launched different projects based on how to stop exploiting children.
  4. Understanding homelessness- they discuss it with different other NGOs. The latter are reviewing several homeless people in the community and ensuring that no one is left homeless by solving the complexities in their life.
  5. Children and youth- they prepare videos to ensure the mental health of the young children and youth who face various social problems like peer pressure and pressure to secure a recommendable result after they face anxiety, stress, and panic attacks which becomes a concern for their future. They make them understand how to deal with these psychiatric problems.

To conclude, the above information gives us a glimpse of what the show is about and how it works.