What is a x- ray how does it works

The radiograph is a term actually quite large, covering different types of tests that require visualization of the internal parts of our body by means of techniques in X-ray . It often happens that patients tend to get confused when they talk about radiography referring to this type of examination even when they have to do a CT scan , an MRI , a mammogram or a fluoroscopy .

This type of examination is used to diagnose pathologies or in some particular therapies such as radiotherapy, and works by recording images of the inside of our body to evaluate the presence or absence of diseases , foreign objects and structural damage to our tissues, and more generally different types of anomalies x ray in Hackettstown

During an X-ray examination, a beam of X-rays is passed through the body . After that, the X-ray trace is transmitted to a detector , so that the image can be recorded and printed, and then subsequently evaluated by the radiologist. The result of the radiography can be obtained either manually from a film or by electronic means.

The x-ray , such as magnetic resonance imaging or computerized axial tomography, an examination is painless and provides the ‘ crossing of the body by X-rays . This crossing of the body, in fact, is practically imperceptible to the patient as well as extremely rapid, and today imaging techniques allow the use of machinery and radiation that are increasingly safer for human health. Pathologies diagnosed by radiography.

X-ray is generally done to diagnose the following conditions:



focal bone lesions;

fractures and microfractures;

dental control analyzes;

simple post-operative control examinations;


spinal pathologies;

control of mediastinal structures;

control of lung diseases;

detection of foreign bodies inside our body;

In addition, radiography can also be used during the diagnosis of a tumor to be able to understand if it is possible to intervene on a patient with radiotherapy.

Who does an x-ray?

The radiographers are health care professionals who work in a diagnostic radiology center, and perform X-rays and other medical imaging techniques, and their role is to assist physicians in the diagnosis of diseases and fractures.

The radiologists , however, are the doctors who have a medical degree and a specialization in radiology to interpret X-rays and other medical imaging tests.