Monthly car insurance: how it works, advantages

If you are looking for insurance for your car, one of the options available is the monthly one. How does it work, what are the advantages and when is it really convenient?

If you are looking for car insurance that temporarily covers you for 1 month, most agencies have the solution for you: monthly car insurance allows you to travel without problems for 30 days while saving the cost of the annual one car insurance quotes

  1. Temporary car insurance 30 days

Monthly car insurance is part of the large group of temporary insurance precisely because it has a reduced value that does not exceed 30 days per month. This type of solution is designed for those who need to insure their car for a limited period of time or intermittently.

  1. Monthly car insurance: when is it convenient?

The 30-day temporary insurance is mainly designed for those who use the car occasionally or for a single season and in all cases in which having annual coverage would not make sense because the vehicle remains unused. This solution is also dedicated to those who travel a lot or have several cars in different places and don’t need insurance 365 days a year.

While the monthly car coverage doesn’t affect the benefits of the insurance, the same doesn’t apply to the cost. Indeed, as is often the case, flexibility comes at a price.

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  1. Monthly car insurance: the cost

Monthly term insurance is more expensive than annual term insurance. The surcharge can be as much as 10% more than the insurance premium of an annual policy.

By doing a search for short-term car insurance and comparing the prices with the annual ones, we notice that the monthly price is higher in the first case. Furthermore, month-by-month coverage is really only worthwhile for those who don’t use their car for more than two months a year. In fact, starting from 3 months it is advisable to take out a suspendable insurance which can be blocked and reactivated when necessary during the year.

  1. Temporary 30-day car liability: how does it work?

Once you have found the best insurance agency that offers monthly insurance solutions, you can enter into a contract and pay for the insurance for 30 days. The cost will be credited for just one month and, if you need it, you can reactivate it (usually online) for the necessary months.

If you are interested in monthly insurance, remember that it will come into force 24 hours after paying it and, of course, that your four-wheeler will only be covered by the policy for the established period of time. In fact, most monthly auto policies do not have a grace period of 15 days after expiry.

Once the monthly insurance is over and if you don’t want to renew it, you will have to park the car in your private courtyard or garage but never on the side of the road or on public land.