Marriage Counselling

Marriage Counselling: Saving The Relationships

Most marriages especially those happening today suffer as the two individuals are either not compatible or completely unacceptable to one another. The various issues occurring every now and then are centered around different aspects of partnership ranging from financial to emotional and sexual. Divorce is not the only option available under such circumstances. Marriage counselling, referred to as “couples counselling” more often than not,is aimed at resolving the issues arising in the relationships. Although the term contains the word ‘Marriage’, it can be helpful in all cases of intimate relationships. There are several approaches that have been found to yield good results. For example; emotion-focused therapy targets emotions and assists in creating secure attachment.

Another one is behavioural couple therapy, which stresses the behaviour change to be undertaken by the clients. When one member in the relationship is considering divorce, discernment counselling is taken up which is new to this arena.  Marriage Counselling is associated with certain advantages as mentioned below.Good number of studies suggest the efficacy of these techniques for improving the overallhealth of a relationship. It helps couples to have better communication and resolveconflicts effectively.

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Steps for Marriage Counsellors

A number of marriage counsellor are unable to deal with the complex dimensions involved in a marriage as it includes years of trauma, abuse, ad stress. Here is guidance for marriage counsellors on how to approach the issues and handle the same. First, gather all the relevant information about the partners. It can be anything starting right from the number of years couples have been together, the status of the relationship, and health issues, to employment, and their past relationships. Follow up with establishing the goals to be achieved in a particular period. The most important thing to consider is that no one is entirely ‘Right” or “Wrong” in any relationship as there aremultiple perspectives to look at an issue.

Therefore, careful thought should be given before cooking any prejudice in one’s mind. Otherwise, it will influence the whole process of counselling. Then the couples have to be guided towards newer and more efficient communication methods.  Work on the most effective way to position the couple in the office setting. Always summarize the session and prepare plans for the future. It is equally important to have each person in the couple share their thoughts about what happened during the session and come up with something they can personally do before the next appointment to improve the relationship.In addition, make them realize that they should avoid talking to friends or family about their conflicts as this discussion itself can reinforce the same.