Looking to hire or buy a container?

Looking to hire or buy a container?

Are you looking forward to owning a container? Don’t worry much, SCF shipping containers has all variety of containers you need, but first you need to know somethings.Intermodal, tank, and on-site storage containers can make or do practically anything, including difficult projects requiring a big space.

Uses of containers

  • Containers can be used in construction and landscaping, to build structures like warehouses and offices, in the power and utilities sector to store hazardous fluids, as emergency shelters after an earthquake or hurricane, and as a temporary storefront for retail operations.
  • The second most common way that a shipping container is used is as a home where individuals can live in it for extended periods as it could be more affordable than renting an apartment or buying a house. The only downside is the size of these homes.
  • Some companies also use containers for shipping out goods abroad, which is called international shipping.

Benefits of using Containers

  • It’s cheaper than purchasing expensive land or building a house.
  • It’s a quick and easy way to store your goods if you need to move your storage location.
  • An area that is federally protected as it is considered a commodity by the government as opposed to personal property, which you have complete control over.
  • Has easy access when delivering to customers.
  • Can be used as a live-work space.
  • Convenient when renovating your home or office, you can rent it out while it serves its purpose.
  • It can fit an entire office population with no problems saving on rent as long as everyone is willing to share the space together and not have their personal belongings taking up more room than what the container provides for you.
  • Pricing varies depending on the size of the container. How many people will be using it, but in general, a 20′ container could range anywhere from $1200-$2500 per month depending on if you are renting or purchasing one from a company that owns them.

SCF shipping containers

Things to consider when renting or purchasing a container

These items are generally a must to ensure your safety and avoid any container problems.

  • A fire extinguisher per person, as there is no sprinkler system or fire alarms inside the containers.
  • A first aid kit in case someone gets injured while they are inside the container.
  • A ladder that you can use if you need to get into the container if you can’t climb up into it using the door, which is difficult for people who are overweight or have back problems, as well as younger children.
  • A hammer for nails to put into walls or floors to hang things up securely, so you don’t need a ladder for that and to get items up on top of the container when doing those tasks.


Storage companies who use containers to store goods and inventory from their company often find these containers helpful as they can be easily stacked and delivered to other parts of the country or even the world. Try SCF shipping containers today.