British Schools

Learn More About British Schools That Are Present In Singapore

British schools’ education system is far more different than American Schools. All students under a British school’s education system must study maths, English, science, a humanities subject, and modern language. Apart from these compulsory subjects, the schools have a list of optional subjects like- art, music, drama, Latin, sport Science, Computer Science, and design technology. The first british schools in singapore were established in the year 1819 and provided education in English as when Singapore was under British rule. In this article, the readers will learn about some of the well-known British schools in Singapore. As of 2022, 17 schools in Singapore still follow the education curriculum of the United Kingdom. The proper British educational curriculum was established in the year 1988.

british schools in singapore

Why are British curriculum schools so popular?

  • Recognized globally- the British curriculum is well known worldwide as their education system is based on student-centered, providing well-balanced, depth, well-researched educational grounds. Students are regularly accessed and benchmarked to master the contents to make the students prepare for the International General Certificate of Secondary Education.
  • British curriculum prepares the students from in and out– This curriculum not only focuses on professional and core subjects by giving them the complete concept of the subject but also trains the students in co-curricular activities.
  • The stages in British curriculum- their educational system follows a curriculum of varied stages. The first stage of education starts when the child is 2 to 5 years of age. Then the child moves to the primary level, the KS1, from which formal education for the child starts from 5 years to 7 years. In the KS2 level, the middle school level is for ages 7 to 11. The secondary and higher secondary levels, KS3 and KS4 levels for a long age gap from 11 years to 16 years. Then comes the pre-university level, known as KS5, and its age ranges from 16 to 18 years.

How to choose an excellent British school?

The parents can choose the Best British School in Singapore if their search is based on the success rate of alumni students, rankings in different examinations, position in the inter-school competition, cleanliness, hygiene, facilities given by the school, and no records of crimes or ragging.

Charges are taken by the British school in each stage of providing formal education from the schools-

  • For application, the schools charge S$ 800 inclusive of GST. This amount is non-refundable.
  • Enrolling your student in the school if he gets selected is S$ 5200 with GST tax.
  • Tuition fees for nursery students in semester one and semester 2 are S$ 10750, exclusive of GST tax.
  • Grade 1 tuition fees are S$ 16800 per semester
  • Grade 2 tuition fees are S$ 17500 per semester

Thedetails mentioned above on various British schools in Singapore are evitable.