Free Webinar: Essential Music Technology Equipment For Every Budget

Today, music technology provides teachers with all the aid they need to incorporate it into the classroom. Technology may significantly impact your classroom without becoming overwhelming. Midnight Music is a world-class resource of professional development music tools and knowledgeable support for music instructors worldwide to demystify music technology.

Music Tech Teacher is here to demystify programmes, demystify software, and increase your computer comfort. You can join a free, monthly Live webinar today, particularly for music educators. Each month has different tech topics introduced and is open for Midnight Music Community members and non-members. Therefore, they will be available to answer general questions about music technology, and you will receive a certificate for professional development. This training is free, the class will last 60-90 minutes, and participants will receive a certificate of participation.

What are music technologies, software, and programs offered?

Midnight Music explains how technology and software in music. You can also decide what you’re looking for:

Music Tech Teacher

Elementary Music Tech Ideas

Once you’re an elementary music teacher looking for suggestions on how to use technology in your lessons? Below are the relevant and up-to-date articles, lesson plans, and technology advice for primary music educators.

  • Learn To Begin Using Technology In Elementary Music Class
  • 7 Simple Tech-Use Ideas For Your Music Class
  • Exploring The Rythm & Meter With Chrome Music Lab – Free Lesson Plan
  • Halloween Activity For Live Film Scoring Fantastic Free Peter & Wolf Resources Compose Of Month Collages – Lesson Plan

The Midnight Music community is available to music educators interested in successfully integrating technology curricula. They will get you starting on the road to enjoying technology with its easy-to-follow courses, completed tutorials, and participatory forum.

High School Music Tech Lessons

  • Free Guide From Started W/ Technology For High School Music
  • Remix Stems
  • Drum Patterns
  • Guide For Art Of Live Looping How To Beatbox

Free Music Technology Resources

You can get excellent and reasonably priced music technology resources if you know where to look. Here are some of our most well-liked and cost-free tech resources for music educators.

  • Free Music Technology
  • Free Ipads Apps
  • Padlet
  • Notation Image Library
  • Google Doodles
  • Youtube

What benefits to fully implementing this technology?

You can join your music class and benefit from every advantage (without needless tension) you require:

  • They offer customised training that is current and relevant to your best educational experience.

The classroom of a music instructor is unique (and occasionally can feel like an immense symphony of chaos and delight!). Therefore, what works in a science lab or English class won’t always translate to your classroom when introducing technology. Your participants can access specialised training that does with these presentations.

  • They provide a speaker who is knowledgeable about your challenges while speaking your language.

Avoid searching through innumerable YouTube videos and online tutorials in search of the answers. Someone who comprehends your difficulties and objectives must give you step-by-step guidance! Moreover, even if you have no prior computer experience and lack confidence, they can guide you through any obstacle in plain English (i.e., without using “tech-speak”).