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Boat maintenance: tips to keep it efficient

Like any object that has a more or less prolonged use, the boat also needs constant maintenance that allows it to perform at its best during the period of use. There are some important and essential operations to always make your boat efficient. Let’s see together below everything you need to do for boat maintenance.


Perhaps it is the most annoying operation, but the dry docking operation is absolutely fundamental before tackling a season of boat trips. The examination of the hull allows to eliminate some drawbacks such as: the corrosion of metal parts and the deposit of aquatic plant organisms and osmosis . The cleaning of the hull then allows you to save fuel , improving the fluid-dynamic resistance and also manages to increase the speed.

The dry docking operation must be carried out in special structures, usually located in ports , which allow the recovery and then treatment of residual materials that can pollute or dirty the sea water deck boat vs pontoon.

Wastewater treatment

Another very important operation is the treatment of waste water , which must be discharged into the clean point of the port. The waters in question are those that come from washing the tank, but also the waters from the bottom of the bilge or those that cool the exhaust pipe. It is very useful in this operation to use devices that absorb or a pump that can separate the hydrocarbons through a filter system while cleaning the bilge bottom.

Cleaning operations

This is perhaps most frequently done inside and outside of a vessel. The cleaning operations therefore concern the internal parts such as showers, bathrooms or any rooms, and external parts , such as the hull or the deck, but also parts in aluminum, steel or fabric parts.

What makes the difference during this operation is the product that is used, usually, for a more effective result, a totally bio-degradable detergent is used , so that it does not have polluting repercussions on the sea. It is also useful not to use a lot of water when rinsing and therefore to have locking systems in the devices used.

Pyrotechnic equipment

This equipment has a fairly short service life of three to four years. After that, it is good to find out how to dispose of them in your own country. In fact, being explosive material, it is usually eliminated by specialized companies.

Engine maintenance

The engine is certainly one of the essential objects of a boat, performance, speed and all those ecological factors that must be respected derive from it. In fact, a well-maintained engine, in addition to having better performance, pollutes much less because consumption is also lower. Usually, engine maintenance should be done regularly every year or every hundred hours of use.